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Tips To Incorporate Plants in Your Home Design

Incorporate Plants in your Home with our helpful tips

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Plants serve many purposes when incorporated into home decor and design. The use of planters and flowers improves the quality of life of human beings. Utilizing and incorporate plants in your home design brings nature into your space.

Interacting with nature gives you calmness. It also helps to increase your work productivity in your home office. It is not only for aesthetics, but it is scientifically proven to have several health benefits.

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Hierarchy is an important factor that home designers use in organizing elements in a design. It is also essential knowledge. Hierarchy involves the arrangement of elements in a specific order. For example, it could be achieved by considering the size of the characters. 

You can arrange your flowers and indoor plants according to their sizes. You could place the most significant character first as they descend in that order, or you could do the reverse. Besides, size is considered in a hierarchy. Colour is also another characteristic you can use to achieve it.

You can group the pots according to colour variations. For instance, if you have white to start with, the next colour should be close to white. But, of course, this also applies to the colour of the plants, not only the pots.

Strategic Location

The location of your flower pots also matters. They should be placed in places that capture one’s attention. You can’t just place your indoor plants anywhere. Most people will place them in the corners of the room.

Considering the conditions that plants need for growth, light is very crucial. Unfortunately, House corners are always not well lit. However, you can place them adjacent to the north- south-facing window openings to avoid direct sunlight that might damage them.

Create A Focal Point

Developing a solid focal point for your home accessories ensures that you have identified one of the most crucial aspects of a style. It is like creating a distraction to the eye of the audience. You have to design something that captures a visitor’s attention first when entering the room. That is the significance of having a focal point.

You can achieve this visual effect by grouping your potted plants in threes. You can make one outstanding in terms of shape, size, colour, or a unique type of flower out of the three. This will bring the visual appeal you are craving.

Green Wall

You could also go for a green wall for an exterior home design. It consists of climbers and vines that grow upwards. It is also referred to as a vertical garden, living walls or eco walls. A vertical garden is visually exciting and can also be used as an air purifier.

They trap dust particles in the air, thus letting in fresh and clean air into the house. However, if you do not want an entire wall with plants, you could try free-standing walls. They are mobile live walls used indoors or for exteriors. These walls are perfect for transitional space or open floor layouts. Apart from decoration, they can be utilized as room separators or partitioning.


Do you want to make your space livable? Look no further. Use those plants to improve your overall health and wellbeing. Create a sustainably air-conditioned environment in your house without spending any single cent.

Proper placement of plants and planter boxes in your home will give you the desired aesthetics. You don’t need to buy them in shops; find flowers and plants from your locality and find pots or containers for them. You can then arrange them with ease using the tips from this article.

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