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Bedtime Routine Ideas for Energetic Kids

Kids are always full of energy and at bedtime they need a routine that will tire them out, that’s why having a bedtime routine is so important.

Your kids are running around all day and they should be tired. But the moment they lay down, they just won’t sleep. This is where a routine is key in getting your children into a good doing to bed routine.

Now obviously this list, even though I think it is very helpful isn’t a one size fits all answer to settling children down. Maybe pick are thing at a time and work out what works for you.

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The following are some great ideas for bedtime routines that will help them to get to sleep faster and hopefully stay asleep:

1. Reading: Reading is a great activity for kids before bed because it promotes relaxation and can be an effective way of soothing your child’s body and mind into sleep mode. All you need to do is choose a book that you know your child will enjoy, read it to them and then put the book away for the day.

2. Tasks: Giving your children tasks before bed can be really beneficial, not just because it helps them to sleep better, but also because it teaches kids about responsibility and consequences too. The tasks can be anything from tidying up their room or picking up toys.

3. Quiet Time: Give your children 10 minutes of quiet time after they brush their teeth, again with either a book or a fidget toy. Anything that helps them relax without a screen.

4. No TV: Turning off the TV 30 minutes before bedtime is key in creating a positive sleep routine. Scientists say that mobile phones, tablets, computers and TV’s cause mental stimulation that is hard to ignore. Also our melatonin production is at risk from the blue lights from the electronics.

5. Good Hygiene: Having either a bath, shower or wash is helpful for feeling clean before bed. Including clean pyjamas and weekly changed bedding.

6. Cuddles: Cuddling your child before bed is a great way to boost Oxytocin which helps calm and relax your child, this is ideal before bedtime. Hugging your child will help put them in a state of relaxation. For benefits of what hugging your child can do, check out the article The Importance of Hugging Your Child.

7. Drinks: It’s advisable to not have any squash after 6pm, to only have water or milk. Squash including those with no sugar seem to make children need the toilet more often than not.

8. No Dummy: The sooner you can break your child’s routine with the dummy, the better. Often using the dummy helps to settle a child. However it also encourages your child to wake in the night while searching for it. Getting your child used to no dummy at night time may prove hard work in the beginning. It will definitely help the sleep process later on.

I hope you have enjoyed this short article and it proves useful to you now or in the future.

Thank you for your time.

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