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Spring Clean: Where to Get Started

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We are in the midst of spring and, for many of us, that means one major task is now featuring on our to-do list – a spring clean. Now, a spring clean generally involves taking time to really look over our homes and bring them back up to scratch. Over time, we tend to become lax with our home maintenance and can find that our properties become uncomfortable, messy, overwhelming and generally less pleasant to spend time in. But this doesn’t have to be the case. A good spring clean up can bring everything back on track and maximise your home’s potential. So, where should you start? Here’s a step by step guide that should help you along the way!

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The first step towards a clean and tidy house isn’t actually cleaning; it’s decluttering. Decluttering and cleaning come hand in hand. The vast majority of us have countless items in our homes that we neither want nor use. We might have been gifted these items, we might have received them for free in promotional campaigns or competitions, we might simply have grown out of them. Whatever your reason for clutter in your home, it’s important to conduct a declutter to get your home back to the items that you actually want, need and use. Start out by going through all of your belongings. Item by item, decide which things you actually use, which have decorational value and which have sentimental value. These are all fine to keep. Everything else could go. Chances are, if an item doesn’t tick any of these three boxes, it is simply taking up space unnecessarily. Sell items of value on platforms like eBay, Etsy and Depop. You might also want to try car boot sales. Donate items to charity. Recycle items that are of no use to anyone anymore. For items that remain, look into good storage solutions.

Deep Cleaning

The next step is deep cleaning. Sure, we all have cleaning routines that we stick to. Week in and week out we tend to do the washing up, wash clothes, vacuum the carpets, mop and sweep the floors and dust. But what about the tasks that we don’t carry out as often? Spring cleaning is the time to tackle these. Think of more obscure or time consuming tasks. Using a carpet cleaner to actually wash the carpets, dusting hard to reach corners, wiping down skirting boards, deep cleaning the toilet. The list goes on. Only by completing the less desirable tasks can you get your home sparkling clean!


Now that your home is clean and fresh, you may want to consider redesigning a little. This is where new furniture from a quality Furniture Shop can come into play. Consider new sideboards, sofas, chairs, bookcases, storage units or whatever else your home may be in need of.  New furniture can offer a completely brand new look and feel to your home. Alternatively, You can upcycle furniture you already have, reupholstering items or adding a fresh coat of paint or varnish.


Decorating is another great option. A fresh coat of paint can really brighten up a room. Just make sure to carry out patch tests to choose the right colour for your space. Paints really can look different when in the pot to when they dry on the wall.

As you can see, spring cleaning can entail a host of tasks, but each will make your home look better than ever!

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