Little Fixes That Can Go A Long Way For Your Kitchen Aesthetic

Most people dream about renovating their kitchens. But having your dream kitchen soon evaporates when you see the cost! Kitchens are expensive – they’re designed to last many years, and the materials involved can drive up the price. 

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You may find you need to wait a little longer for your dream kitchen, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make some upgrades now! There are some surprisingly easy and affordable fixes that could change the look of your kitchen to give it a whole new aesthetic, bringing it closer to the dream kitchen that you are working towards.

Image Credit: Unsplash under Creative Commons

Refresh your cabinets

You don’t need to completely replace your kitchen cabinets to make them look new. You can do a lot with your existing cabinets as a simple and affordable way of upgrading your kitchen. Most kitchen cabinets are easy to paint, bringing some impressive results. Take a look at ways of painting kitchen cabinets to help you work out the best method for your own.

Adding new hardware like different cupboard handles and pulls can also change the look of your kitchen, without you needing to bring in a whole new set of units.

Change your worktops for a fraction of the cost

Did you know you could refresh your worktops without having to buy brand new ones? A lot of people have taken to wrapping their worktops in special vinyl which does a great job of protecting the surface while also bringing in a new look. All you need is the right type of vinyl wrap, Sikaflex 11fc+ sealant and a lot of patience to install correctly. If you already have wooden worktops, you could also try sanding and revarnishing them in your preferred shade to create the look you want.

Install new lighting for a different look and feel

New lighting can also make a big difference to the look and feel of your kitchen. Spotlights give a kitchen a more modern look, while pendant lighting can look sophisticated over your dining space. There are all kinds of kitchen lighting ideas, to draw inspiration from, giving you a more affordable way of transforming your kitchen.

Makeover your tiles

Could new tiles help create a stunning kitchen aesthetic for you? Tiles can add detail and texture, as well as make your kitchen walls wipeable! If adding new tiles isn’t possible, you could always paint the tiles you have with specialist tile paint – the results are very impressive! If the dream kitchen you have envisioned has blue tiles, this will be a much easier way to get there.

It’s not just your wall tiles that can be made over, but your floor tiles too. Finding affordable ways to upgrade your kitchen flooring will help transform your room without having to go overboard on the cost.
There are a lot of different ways you can makeover your kitchen. Avoiding clutter and adding a little more styling to your kitchen in the form of ornaments, plants, etc., will all help make a difference to how your kitchen looks. Affordable kitchen fixes can help you love the kitchen you have, while you wait to put your plans for a new one in place.

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