Initiating Confidence & Independence In Children

Initiating confidence & independence in children is an important part of parenting. If you are raising children then you already know how hard it can be to manage everything with them running around. Children learn by watching and copying others, that’s how they learn to walk and talk. If you want to encourage independence and confidence in your children there are certain things you can do with them and for them. Take a look below for some tips and ideas.

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Children need discipline and routine in their lives. If they are allowed to run riot then they won’t learn right from wrong and life will be hard for them. Right from the start when they are newborns it is a good idea to get them into a routine. They have no concept of time so their routine is how they predict what is coming up next. As your child gets older they can become unruly when they test limits and boundaries. It is up to you, as the carer or parent, to let them know when they have gone too far. Discipline should always be age-and-stage-appropriate, for example, you wouldn’t tell a toddler off the same way you would tell a teenager off. 


The opposite of discipline, praise is also needed for children to thrive and flourish. Human beings love being praised, it makes us feel amazing and appreciated. If your child does something well then tell them. If you only discipline with no praise then your child may become shy and anxious about doing new things or anything. Try and aim for at least ten praises and well done throughout the day. This will show your child that you believe in them and they can do things on their own and to a great standard. 


Life is all about taking risks. If you wrap your children in cotton wool for fear of them getting hurt then they won’t have the necessary life skills to get by when they are older. If they are running through the woods for example and they fall over, then they will learn from that risk they took and be a little more careful next time. Watch over your children with a careful eye, of course, and let them work out if something is dangerous. Intervene when you see fit, and always teach your children about stranger danger. This is one of the biggest worries to parents, if you teach it from a young age then your children should always be safe. 

Time Apart

Finally, as your children get older they may want some much-needed time away from you. This should always be in a safe environment and with people you have met previously. Friends from school or clubs for instance. If your child has been invited to go away and they want to then you should encourage this. This will do wonders for their confidence levels and independence. Take a look at adventure holidays and see if your child would like to go on one. They will have a great time. 

We hope you found this article helpful and it gave you lots of tips and tricks on how to encourage confidence and independence levels to grow in your child. 

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