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How To Make Your Money Go Further

Budgeting can be a useful tool for any household and is helping on planning how to make your money go further. As utilities and prices rise around the world, knowing how much money you have coming in and out each month is imperative. It can help ensure financial stability and better plan for the future. But, are you finding the constraints of your budget too limiting? Are you looking for ways how to make your money go further each month? If so, then here are some useful tips for you and adjustments you can make to make your budget go further. 

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Look at your memberships and subscriptions

Chances are you have several monthly membership or subscription commitments. Gym membership perhaps? Streaming services? Audio services? The important question to ask is, are you actually using all of these services and do you need to? As handy as next day delivery from Amazon Prime is, how often are you using it? If you find that you are paying for services you don’t need or rarely use then save money by either cancelling them or temporarily pausing the payments. 

Shop around for better deals

When it comes to the renewals of things such as house insurance, car insurance and utility bills avoid the auto-renewal system. Instead, take a little time to scour the market for some of the best rates as companies will often reserve their most attractive prices for new customers. Another great tip is to pay for your insurance or bills annually as this can often save you as much as 10 – 20%. 

Meal plan 

Planning your meals for the week ahead is a great way to help stay organised and on top of a busy week but can also provide a considerable savings. By planning your meals and writing a shopping list in accordance with that meal plan you are more likely to only buy the items you need from your weekly shop. Ergo, keeping the cost down. It will also prevent you from nipping into the shop on your way home to get a last-minute meal together, which inevitably results in an overspend on items you did not intend to buy. Meal planning will also help to ensure you don’t overuse Uber Eats or eat out during the week. 

Turn off the power

The rising cost of gas and electricity is being felt by homes the world over. While rises may be unavoidable there are steps you can take to reduce your bills. Leaving items on standby or plugs switched on will drain your energy sources and cost you money. Go around your house and turn off anything that does not need to be on. Ensure good practices such as turning off items after use and never leaving lights on. 

Up your budget

If all else fails, revisit your budget. Of course, you cannot simply increase it on a whim but why not look into ways in which you can make a little extra money. Consider selling old or unused items, perhaps start a side hustle of CFD trading or selling homemade produce. Whatever your skillset is, utilise it to help increase your revenue. Alternatively consider whether it is time to ask for that pay rise, or even look for a new job.