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Gift Ideas For The Outdoorsy People In Your Life

If you have some special occasions coming up and are not sure what to get for people, then this guide of Gift ideas for the Outdoorsy people might give you some helpful tips and ideas. There are many different things that people are interested in and sometimes you have to know a person really well to get the perfect gift. If you are struggling you could always ask the person if there is anything they want rather than worrying about getting them something they don’t like. 

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Personalized Garden Goods

The first gift ideas for the outdoorsy people is garden-orientated equipment. This can include personalized garden maintenance stuff such as shears or gloves. You could even get garden planting tubs that come with special messages on and names. You can get garden games such as giant Jenga or even a custom cornhole set. Cornhole is something that is enjoyed by both children and adults alike so a personalized one would be well received. Especially if you have one yourself and you get as much enjoyment out of it that other people do. 

Smart Tech

If you know the person spends a lot of time outdoors, you could get them some smart tech to make their time outside better. For example, if they go hiking you could get them a fitness tracker or water backpack. They might also spend a lot of time in their garden enjoying being close to nature. If this is the case then how about a new lawnmower. You can even get robotic lawn mowers that you don’t need to push. If they are a lover of outdoor entertaining then how about a brand new grill and bbq that everyone gets to enjoy. You can also get your hands on some extra cool smart lighting that you can change with the click of a button. The gift choices are endless and whatever you get for them will be loved and appreciated. 


If the person you are buying for enjoys outdoor workouts and spending lots of time outside then some outdoor clothing may be a great idea. They could have been on the lookout for some time and just not found any. It will be a lovely surprise for them to unwrap some quality outdoor clothing. You could even look at smart clothing, there is such a thing as socks that can tell you the pressure points when you are running. You can also get t-shirts that detect fitness activities and send data to your smartphone.  

Something that is always needed and worn out is trainers, especially for runners. If you want to put a smile on someone’s face then a brand new pair of trainers will do this. If you are unsure of style, brand, or even size then a gift card will work the same way. That way they can buy the pair of trainers they want the most. 

Day Trip

For someone who loves to be outdoors, it can be tough knowing what to get them. How about an experience day doing something they have always dreamed of. This could be anything from driving a rally car to jumping out of a plane. If you shop around you can find the best deals for this. If you are looking at jumping out of a plane there are different heights to do this from. Usually, you can do it from 7,000 feet or 15,000 feet. These will be different prices so make sure you pay attention to what you are booking. There are even walking experiences where you go with a designated instructor and they take you along treacherous walks, enjoying the views and sites along the way. 

Mini Break

Finally, the special person might really want to go on a mini-break away somewhere, especially if things in life have become too much. What better way to say you care than to treat them to exactly this. You can arrange a trip away for them and plan everything. Make sure you book onto a camping site so they aren’t without water and electricity. You could even make a road trip out of it and turn it into a mini-vacation. Whatever you think the recipient will enjoy or if they have vocalized this then they will love it. 

If you are going on a road trip then you could meet up along the way, if you wanted to, and take in the sites together. There are plenty of camping equipment gifts that you could get to go alongside the mini-break as well. For example, you can buy/hire trailers with a mini kitchen inside them so you have somewhere to do the cooking while you are away. 

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