Bring Some Mediterranean Flavour To Your Home Interior

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When many of us think of the Mediterranean, we think of sunny holidays and good times. By introducing some Mediterranean flavour to your home interior ideas, you could help to bring a sense of breezy warmth to your home. Below are just a few decor touches that are certain to do the trick.

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Whitewash walls

Whitewash involves mixing white paint with water (1 part paint, 3 parts water). By watering down the paint, it can help to give it a translucent and faded look when applied to walls. This is often used to replicate the weathered look of old coastal buildings and can provide rooms with a unique rustic charm. 

On top of using whitewash paint on walls, you can also use it to paint wooden furniture. This can help to brighten up wooden furniture while maintaining the textured look of the wood. 

Archway cut-outs

Archways are popular in Mediterranean buildings. They can help to give doorways a softer feel and can also bring height to a room by drawing our attention up. 

When knocking through two rooms to create an open plan layout, it could be worth considering an archway cut-out instead of knocking the entire wall down. This can create a semi-open-plan feel in which both rooms feel separate but still have a sense of flow between them.

Archways can also be used in many other places around the home. This could include an archway over your entrance, an archway leading up the stairs or even an archway window. 

Terracotta tiles

Terracotta tiles can be found on the floor of many Italian villas. The distinct reddish-brown hue of terracotta has a very warm earthy feel. Terracotta also has the advantage of being very durable and resistant to mould.

You can use terracotta tiles indoors in a kitchen or living room, or you can use them outdoors to create a patio. Terracotta tiles can be fiddly to install – it’s often worth hiring a professional tiler. Make sure that the terracotta is sealed to protect it from stains. 

Wicker furniture

You could also consider adding some wicker furniture to your home for a mediterranean feel. Wicker furniture was traditionally woven together using strands of rattan. It is sometimes still referred to as ‘rattan furniture’, although the rattan plant is not always used – other woods and even synthetic materials are often used instead nowadays. It has a rustic handmade feel to it and can make a nice contrast against more industrial-looking furniture. 

The most common place to put wicker chairs and tables is outdoors. However, you can also add wicker furniture to indoors spaces as a statement piece. Choose good quality wicker furniture that is likely to be more weather-resistant and robust. 

Ceramic kitchenware

You can add some Mediterranean flair to your kitchen with some brightly coloured ceramic items such as these Spanish-flavoured Verano Ceramics. Such items include bowls, plates, jugs and jars. 

You can use ceramic kitchenware for both decorative or practical purposes. Brightly-coloured ceramics are often great for adding a burst of colour to a neutral kitchen. You can also use these items to decorate the dining table. Try to opt for matching sets.

Moroccan rugs

Moroccan rugs are popular all over the world and can be another way of bringing a Mediterranean touch to your home. These rugs are known for their kaleidoscopic colours and patterns. While you can buy factory-made Moroccan rugs, authentic Moroccan rugs are always handmade.

Because Moroccan rugs are so vibrant and colourful, you do need to be careful as to how you incorporate them into your interior design. They often work best surrounded by neutral decor – they may clash with other heavily-patterned items. You may be able to match them with similarly patterned cushions or curtains.  

Big houseplants

Don’t just opt for tiny windowsill plants. Why not try going for something large and dramatic instead? Big floorstanding potted plants are a common feature in Mediterranean homes and can bring a lot of life to a room. Their large leaves can also have a bigger impact when it comes to improving indoor air quality.Large houseplants include rubber trees, miniature palms and birds of paradise. This post at Bob Vila lists a few large houseplant varieties that could be worth considering. Such plants are often best placed by a window, although there are some shade-loving varieties that can thrive away from the window.

We hope you enjoyed our ideas for adding some Mediterranean flavour to your home interior.

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