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6 Tips for Designing the Perfect Nursery for Your Toddler

Designing the perfect Nursery for your toddler can be confusing. The toddler stage is at that age where they don’t necessarily need a crib, but they don’t need a twin bed either. They’re just right in the middle. The same can be said for the rest of their bedroom too. They’re already beginning to show some of their personality, their own independence, plus, some items that were needed as an infant (such as some clothes and toys) will no longer be needed. So, since they’re at this awkward age, they’re going to need some changes to their bedroom. Just like the rest of the home needs a makeover every once in a while, the same can be said for the toddler’s room too. So, here are several tips for designing the perfect nursery for your toddler!

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1. Utilize light coloured furniture

Usually, when it comes to a baby’s nursery, most parents will either opt for all blue, pink, or maybe some neutral color. But when it comes to a toddler, this doesn’t immediately mean that you need to paint the walls or remove all of their furniture. Instead, why use some light colors, such as in the furniture or décor? You could buy a crib that is white or light in color so it doesn’t compete with the colors of child’s room. Just adding lighter colours like white in general is going to help the space feel more balanced.

2. Use a neutral colour scheme

This can be used for the walls and ceiling. This will help you create a cohesive look throughout the room without having to worry about any imbalances. Plus, a neutral colour scheme is just going to instantly make the space feel so comfortable! Neutral colour schemes will also allow for some gradual changes in the space rather than a full makeover. In general, this is going to help make the room feel a lot better.

3. Natural light is key

Make sure there’s plenty of natural light in the room by installing windows or skylights if possible, but if not, use lamps and overhead lights to simulate sunlight coming through windows during different times of the day. Your little one needs their sleep, but the light will also help them with their circadian rhythm.

4. Have an organised closet

You cannot forget about having their belongings organised. Obviously a toddler isn’t going to have the mental capacity to do this, which is why it’s important that you do it. Whether this is their adorable little toddler dresses or just their every-day wear then this must be nicely organized. Plus, this is going to help make the nursery look so much better too.

5. Install an area rug

There are more than enough adorable area rugs out there on the market from handcrafted ones of cartoon characters to the old fashion rugs with an imprint of roads on them. These are perfect not only for adding style but this is also for somewhere soft for your child to sit on while they’re playing with their toys.

6. Don’t forget the accessories and accent pieces

The accent pieces and toys can actually go hand in hand. This can include something such as toy kitchens but even a big pile of stuffed animals too! These all truly help in showing that this is your child’s room.

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